The IUCN Centre for Mediterranean Cooperation is devoted to promote sustainable livelihoods and biodiversity conservation through cooperation and shared values and culture.


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  • native_trees_of_north_africa Photo: IUCN Med
    In the spotlight:

    New platform of native North African trees and shrubs to halt biodiversity loss and desertification

    The new platform covers all native species of trees, shrubs and woody climbing plants in North Africa, which are present in the zones that run from the Atlantic to the Red Sea and from the Mediterranean to the Sahel, an area that comprises all or a large part of the surface in 10 different countries. Some 880 species, from 290 genera and 76 families, have been described and their taxonomic information has been updated.

  • nbs_med_cities Photo: nbs_med_cities
    In the spotlight:

    Launch of the first assessment of IUCN NbS Global Standard in Mediterranean urban areas

    This report summarises the results of a first assessment of a selection of 18 practices in Mediterranean cities against the IUCN Global Standard. The purpose of the analysis was to assess to what extent these interventions met the standard, and in this way to identify particular opportunities and challenges for applying the standard in urban areas throughout the Mediterranean region.

  • In the spotlight:

    MEET Network launches an online training to develop Ecotourism in protected areas

    First 2 modules are available for free on the online platform of Conservation Training . The training is primarily directed at Protected Areas staff interested in ecotourism development for their destination, but is also highly relevant for other stakeholders in the tourism and conservation sector. Project funded by a learning grant from the MAVA Foundation.


  • In the spotlight:

    “Mediterranean Solutions” – an unprecedented opportunity to accelerate nature-based recovery at at IUCN Congress

    In a critical moment for the Mediterranean basin and after a summer of extreme weather events, 12 conservation organizations will be joining forces for the first time at the World Conservation Congress held in Marseille from 4th to 9th September. 

  • In the spotlight:

    Mortality hotspots for birds of prey in Morocco revealed by first study on conservation status

    In cooperation with the Moroccan Department of Water and Forests and other 16 national and international institutions, IUCN-Med has published results of the first national census of diurnal cliff-nesting raptors in Morocco. Throughout the study, 766 breeding sites for diurnal cliff-nesting raptors were detected and 211 birds were spotted under power lines, revealing new mortality hotspots.



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Biodiversity Knowledge and Action

With its rich biodiversity and its high levels of anthropogenic change, the Mediterranean region is a key hotspot for species, and a priority for conservation. To be able to implement solutions to biodiversity loss, solutions require the involvement from multiple groups, from governments...
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