Oceania is geographically one of IUCN’s largest regional programmes, covering over 100 million square kilometres of the Pacific Ocean.



  • Torricelli Mountain Range in Papua New Guinea Photo: Torricelli Mountain Range in Papua New Guinea - PC Tenkile Conservation Alliance

    Remote Papua New Guinea communities harness modern field technology for conservation


    Through funding received from the European Union and the Organisation of African, Caribbean and Pacific States, Tenkile Conservation Alliance (TCA) through the BIOPAMA grant facility has been able to provide access to modern field equipment to over fifty...

  • Mangrove stand in Vanuatu Photo: MESCAL Vanuatu

    My love for Wetlands


    As a kid in my early years growing up in Labasa on the Northern side of Fiji, I would always follow the neighbours’ kids who were very well versed in coastal living and were very in touch with the traditional ways of living off the resources in the coastal...

  • Plastic Leak Project - Tackling Plastic Pollution Photo: IUCN/Quantis EA

    The Plastic Leak Project interview - businesses now have a tool to reduce plastic leakage across entire value chains


    An interview with Quantis, EA, and IUCN, some of the people behind the the Plastic Leak Project (PLP). They discuss how growing urgency and awareness around the issue of plastic leakage into the environment is driving companies and public authorities to...

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